The natural sausage cases produced in our company are manufactured under the conditions seen by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Protection Control General Directorate. In this area, we are exporting our entire sausage case production with the license we have.

With all the firms we are working with, we are conducting a teamwork in accordance with the importance of trust and quality.

Our company provides a high quality of raw material that is producing first priority in quality and quality processing process. The quality criteria of the raw material determine the animal race, gender and nutrition form. In our country, especially in Adana, Hatay, Gaziantep and places that are close to these regions, very high quality intestines are obtained from sheep.

Why the intestinal bowel?

  • High quality natural Products
  • More than 22 years of experience
  • Affordable prices and quick return
  • Warranty on every product we sell
  • Excellence in every stage of production
  • Experienced sales and support staff

Europe approval number: 27-0040